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Slocan - Slocan Valley Rail Trail

50 Km

The Slocan Valley Rail Trail, between Slocan and Crescent Valley, offers easy access to 50 km of breathtaking scenery. The trail follows the contours of the Slocan River, between Slocan Lake in the north to the Kootenay River in the south. It winds gently through one of the most beautiful valleys in BC.

Interpretive signage dots the rail trail covering many subjects including local history going back thousands of years to modern-day, wildlife habitat, ecosystems and more. Picnic tables and benches can be enjoyed along the entire route.

The trail can be done in sections – each of the 7 trailheads has an information kiosk and directional signs on Highway 6 which parallels most of the rail trail. Each section of the trail offers unique features such as a hidden beach, a First Nations Site or beautiful farmlands – pick one section or do it all.

Between Crescent Valley and Slocan Lake, there are seven bridges crossing the Slocan River. The bridges are a great connection from the trail if you want to expand your ride. Each offers a chance to explore more of the riches of the Slocan Valley.


Trail Features

This trail is accessible for everyone.
This trail is accessible by bike.
This trail has at least one bridge.
Food & Drink
This trail has food & drink options.
This trail is accessible by hiking.
Trail is a loop
May Have Motorized Vehicles
Free parking at the trailhead.
Pet Friendly
This trail is pet friendly.
This trail has a restroom for public use.
This trail has water fountains.

Trail Difficulty

1 out of 5
2 out of 5
3 out of 5
4 out of 5
Very Difficult
5 out of 5

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