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Coombs to Parksville Rail Trail

10 Km

Discover the Coombs to Parksville Rail Trail, a spacious 3-meter wide gravel path designed for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy outdoor exercise. Whether you prefer walking, running, or cycling solo or with friends, this trail accommodates everyone with ample space.

Stretching 7kms from Springwood Park in Parksville to the Station Road trailhead in Coombs, this scenic route is dotted with markers to help you track your progress. Upon completion, Coombs offers quirky dining and shopping options to reward your journey.

With the exception of the initial 200m within Springwood Park, the Coombs to Parksville Rail Trail is fully accessible to all.

Starting from Station Road in Coombs, the trail presents multiple access points for your convenience. Along the way, you’ll encounter attractions like BoMe Cheese, Coombstock, and the Coombs Wooden Shoe Dutch Import Store, adorned with its captivating mural.

At the Parksville end, the trail begins at Springwood Park on Despard Ave, near the flagship Quality Foods store, adjacent to the dog park parking lot, and merely 2km away from the picturesque Parksville beach / Community Park.

As a multi-use trail, motorized vehicles such as ATVs and dirt bikes are prohibited on the Coombs to Parksville Rail Trail, ensuring a peaceful experience for all visitors. Leashed dogs are welcome to join you on your adventure along the Rail Trail.

Know Before You Go: Be sure to plan your routes and check official trail websites for closures or alerts before setting out.  

Nearby Trail Experiences

Parksville Rail Trail

Explore the charm of this 8km out-and-back trail accessible either from the old Parksville Train Station or the Allsbrook Road side of Top Bridge Regional Trail suspension bridge at Englishman River.

Popular among birdwatchers, mountain biking enthusiasts, and hikers, this trail offers diverse recreational opportunities.

While furry companions are welcome to accompany you on your journey, please remember to keep them leashed for their safety and the comfort of other trail users.

Shelly Parks

Nestled atop Corfield Street in Parksville, Shelly Parks offer a delightful blend of recreational opportunities and natural beauty. On one side of Corfield, a charming neighbourhood park awaits with its inviting playground and expansive green spaces. Across the street lies a serene expanse of forested trails tracing along the picturesque Shelly Creek. Following Shelly Creek as it meanders across Hamilton Avenue, Shelly Creek Park North provides another enchanting setting for exploration.

Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll, spending quality time with family, or simply revelling in the splendour of the outdoors, Shelly Parks beckon visitors for myriad reasons.

Recent enhancements have elevated the park’s allure, including the addition of a picnic table, new benches, and a lush array of newly planted trees. Notably, the play area has undergone significant upgrades, offering little ones an enhanced recreational experience. With its open spaces ideal for picnics, leisurely dog walks, and fostering community connections, the park serves as a cherished gathering spot.

The Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society diligently stewards Shelly Creek, safeguarding its delicate ecosystem and undertaking vital restoration efforts. Home to a small but thriving population of Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Shelly Creek stands as the sole fish-bearing stream within the city limits. The invaluable work carried out by volunteers of the society not only restores habitat but also educates the public on the importance of creek conservation. Within this vibrant ecosystem, a diverse array of wildlife, from owls to raccoons, finds sanctuary.

In 2020, the city unveiled a new 15-meter pedestrian bridge spanning Shelly Creek, enhancing public access while safeguarding the creek’s fragile environment. This addition ensures improved connectivity for visitors while promoting the preservation of Shelly Creek’s pristine habitat.

Traversing the park, a scenic trail winds through the forest, featuring informative interpretative signage that offers insights into the area’s sensitive habitat.

Top Bridge Regional Trail

This rugged and scenic 4km trail offers a captivating journey from the serene shores of Rathtrevor Beach Park to the historic Englishman River canyon, where the original crossing site, known as Top Bridge, awaits. Spanning this majestic landscape is a remarkable pedestrian-cyclist suspension bridge, seamlessly connecting both sides of Top Bridge and fostering connectivity among the surrounding community and parks along the trail.

Renowned for its picturesque beauty, Top Bridge has not only served as a captivating backdrop for films but has also earned acclaim as one of the 10 Amazing Places in the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region. Regardless of the season, Top Bridge promises an array of attractions to captivate visitors year-round.

Whether you’re drawn by its rich history, breathtaking vistas, or simply seeking adventure in nature, Top Bridge offers an unforgettable experience with something new to discover with every visit.

Englishman River Regional Park

Extend your exploration beyond the captivating vistas of the Top Bridge suspension bridge and the Top Bridge Regional Trail to uncover more hidden gems of the Englishman River Regional Park.

Through a collaborative effort involving the Regional District of Nanaimo, The Nature Trust of BC, Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and the Province of BC, a pristine 205-hectare property was acquired. This expansive tract of land encompasses vital river corridor habitats, crucial for the preservation of salmon populations. The area has been enhanced with the addition of a 4km side channel by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, along with a community hatchery. Teeming with a diverse array of wildlife, including elk, bear, and cougar, the park provides ample space for pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace and revel in its wonders.

Parksville – Qualicum Beach Links

Embark on a leisurely cycling, walking, or running adventure along the Parksville Qualicum Beach (PQB)Links, a13km route connecting the charming City of Parksville to the quaint Town of Qualicum Beach via the picturesque French Creek. Offering a serene suburban road network with gentle terrain, the PQB Links boasts minimal traffic and just one incline, ensuring a pleasant journey for all. Enhancing accessibility is a convenient pedestrian-cyclist bridge spanning French Creek, along with two sections of paved trail awaiting at the Qualicum Beach terminus. Clearly marked signage guides users throughout the entire route, making navigation a breeze.

Trail Features

This trail is accessible for everyone.
This trail is accessible by bike.
This trail has at least one bridge.
This trail is accessible by city transit.
Food & Drink
This trail has food & drink options.
This trail is accessible by hiking.
Trail is a loop
May Have Motorized Vehicles
Free parking at the trailhead.
Pet Friendly
This trail is pet friendly.
This trail has a restroom for public use.
This trail has water fountains.
This trail has wifi access points.

Trail Difficulty

1 out of 5 Trail Condition good. Updated surfaces with light grade. Family Friendly.
2 out of 5 Trail Condition good with light grade. May encounter rough trail surfaces and vehicles. Be prepared with proper trail essentials.
3 out of 5 Trail Conditions can vary from good to needing improvement. May encounter fairly rough trail sections, Sand, Rock, Potholes, debris and may encounter vehicles. Can have long sections without any amenities. For the more adventurous user. Be prepared with proper trail essentials.
4 out of 5 Trail Conditions can vary from good to poor. Will encounter rough sections along the way, steeper grades at parts and will most likely encounter vehicles. For adventurous users. Will have long sections without any amenities. Be prepared with proper trail essentials.
Very Difficult
5 out of 5 Trail conditions will vary and you will encounter poor conditons with rough sections, potholes, and steeper grades. You will encounter motor vehicles and long stretches of trail without amenities. This is a long section of trail requiring multiple days. Be prepared with proper trail essentials.

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