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Grand Forks — Greenwood

38.9 Km

This is a longer stretch of trail that has a variety of terrain from flat to hills creating a bit more of a challenging ride for those interested in that. Before beginning your ride explore the streets of Grand Forks and the meeting of the Granby and Kettle Rivers. This trail offers some unique historical experiences along your way like the opportunity to ride through the Granby Tunnel, located just after Eholt Station. This tunnel is an old railway tunnel, and if travelling south, the view you’ll be met with on the other side is breathtaking.

Just north of Greenwood you will find the Tunnel of Flags, an old highway tunnel that has since been abandoned. The tunnel is adorned with flags from countries around the world. Be mindful of lose gravel and rock that is known to be on the trail due to motorized vehicle use.

*This section of trail has not received regulatory clarity regarding trail users. We ask all users to be cautious and aware that users vary from highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles to bicycles and hikers. Please respect other users and be cautious while utilizing this section of the trail.

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Trail Features

This trail is accessible for everyone.
This trail is accessible by bike.
This trail has at least one bridge.
Food & Drink
This trail has food & drink options.
This trail is accessible by hiking.
Trail is a loop
May Have Motorized Vehicles
Free parking at the trailhead.
Pet Friendly
This trail is pet friendly.
This trail has a restroom for public use.
This trail has water fountains.

Trail Difficulty

1 out of 5
2 out of 5
3 out of 5
4 out of 5
Very Difficult
5 out of 5


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