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Kettle Valley Rail Trail

492.58 Km

Biking the entirety of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail is a major accomplishment. This trail takes you through the Boundary, up through the Okanagan all the way to Hope.

Begin your trip at Mile 0 in Midway, the half-way point for several locations, including being the half-way point between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.With several different historic mining towns along the route (both abandoned and current), you can easily imagine the train picking up and dropping off people and mined items at each stop. Whether you’d like to do it by yourself or enjoy it with a group, this week-long bike trip will take you through different BC terrains and showcase what makes each mountain and valley so unique.

*This section of trail has not received regulatory clarity regarding trail users. We ask all users to be cautious and aware that users vary from highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles to bicycles and hikers. Please respect other users and be cautious while utilizing this section of the trail

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