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The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Foundation (TOTF) was incorporated as a provincially registered non-profit society on November 27, 2017 with CRA registered charitable status granted on April 1, 2019.

TOTF is an industry-led organization, governed by an elected Board of Directors, who represent and support business and community tourism interests throughout the Thompson Okanagan region.

TOTF’s purpose and mandate is to nurture, preserve, and enhance recreational trail systems and rail trail corridors that connect healthy vibrant communities across the Thompson Okanagan region, acting as a vessel to attract investment, leading initiatives to sustain and maintain the trails that unite the region.

TOTF manages the website which strives to provide current trail information and resources for the Kettle Valley Rail Trail however due to the nature of trails, and the impacts of unexpected weather events, the information and data posted serves as a general reference only and may not reflect the current conditions or closure situation.

TOTF formally established the KVR Trail Preservation Alliance (KVRTPA) on August 12, 2022 utilizing a stakeholder model, with no fees to join, to bring forward the collective voice on behalf of all stakeholders (trail users, communities, business) to collaboratively work with government to advocate for the repairs and maintenance needed to restore and preserve the KVR trail to realize the maximum recreation, tourism/heritage, and economic potential for the neighbouring communities, businesses, residents and visitors.

TOTF actively sources opportunities to attract investment and generate revenue from grants, corporate sponsorship, donations, raffles and fundraising events to fund trails initiatives and advocacy efforts.

TOTF exists to create, preserve, and enhance a celebrated recreational trail system that connects healthy, vibrant communities throughout the Thompson Okanagan region

TOTF leads initiatives to nurture and sustain the trail systems that unite our region

TOTF is a vessel to attract investment to maintain and enhance a world-leading trails destination

TOTF’s Board Members are experienced tourism professionals who represent many key sectors and areas of the Thompson Okanagan including a root in outdoor adventure experience. They volunteer to help TOTF to grow and sustain the trail systems that unite our region.

Current Board of Directors

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