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Chute Lake — Naramata

23.6 Km

Start your adventure with an over night stay at the beautiful Chute Lake Lodge. Recently revamped and upgraded, this secluded lodge is the perfect combination of modern amenities and rustic history. Enjoy a return to nature, complete with wood-fire, comfort food and cabins. If you’re into fishing, you can cast a line into Chute Lake. This stretch of the KVR is beautiful, offering picturesque views of Okanagan Lake, world-famous vineyards and wineries, and a dash of history. Be aware of weather conditions affecting parts of the trail.

Explore both Little Tunnel and Adra Tunnel, both former train tunnels, and take those Instagram-worthy photos that will make everyone jealous. Check out the Rock Ovens Regional Park and imagine what the former miners, foresters and travellers had to do to make a good hot meal.  This unique experience is suitable for everyone and is worth everyone’s time.

*This section of trail has not received regulatory clarity regarding trail users. We ask all users to be cautious and aware that users vary from highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles to bicycles and hikers. Please respect other users and be cautious while utilizing this section of the trail.

There are currently repairs underway from Bellevue Trestle to Glenfir Station along the KVR trail between Kelowna and Naramata.

Local Accommodation & Food and Beverage Resources:

Chute Lake Lodge

Naramata Bench 

Visit Penticton

Trail Features

This trail is accessible for everyone.
This trail is accessible by bike.
This trail has at least one bridge.
This trail is accessible by city transit.
Food & Drink
This trail has food & drink options.
This trail is accessible by hiking.
Trail is a loop
May Have Motorized Vehicles
Free parking at the trailhead.
Pet Friendly
This trail is pet friendly.
This trail has a restroom for public use.
This trail has water fountains.
This trail has wifi access points.

Trail Difficulty

1 out of 5 Trail Condition good. Updated surfaces with light grade. Family Friendly.
2 out of 5 Trail Condition good with light grade. May encounter rough trail surfaces and vehicles. Be prepared with proper trail essentials.
3 out of 5 Trail Conditions can vary from good to needing improvement. May encounter fairly rough trail sections, Sand, Rock, Potholes, debris and may encounter vehicles. Can have long sections without any amenities. For the more adventurous user. Be prepared with proper trail essentials.
4 out of 5 Trail Conditions can vary from good to poor. Will encounter rough sections along the way, steeper grades at parts and will most likely encounter vehicles. For adventurous users. Will have long sections without any amenities. Be prepared with proper trail essentials.
Very Difficult
5 out of 5 Trail conditions will vary and you will encounter poor conditons with rough sections, potholes, and steeper grades. You will encounter motor vehicles and long stretches of trail without amenities. This is a long section of trail requiring multiple days. Be prepared with proper trail essentials.


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