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I Love the KVR Advocacy Campaign

Do you have 15 minutes to help save the KVR?

From now until November 30, 2022 we are asking trail users, stakeholders, and supporters to write a letter letting government know why the KVR is important to you, and ask the Province to support the repairs needed from the 2021 flood damage.

Did you know that the early pioneers that built the railway tunnels were known as tunnel moles that busted through rock walls at 5 to 10 feet per day with picks and shovels… just imagine the endurance, commitment and perseverance it took to build these structures, scaling sides of mountains, dangling intricate trestles and infrastructure across vast canyons.  Some say the technology used to build the KVR railway was more akin to the methods used to build the pyramids than it is to today’s modern technology. 

We are fortunate that there is still opportunity to preserve the trail and its historical infrastructure… but we must act now, before it is too late – please set aside 15 minutes today!

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