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Call to Action: RDOS Trails Master Plan

Call to Action: RDOS Trails Master Plan


Welcome KVR Trail Preservation Alliance (KVRTPA) Members

Thank you for joining the KVR Trail Preservation Alliance to bring the collective voice forward to represent trail stakeholders (users, businesses, communities) in collaboratively working with all levels of government to restore and preserve the KVR rail trail.

It is KVRTPA’s goal to not only advocate for repairs from the damages created by the 2021 Flood, but also support repairs and maintenance required on the historical bridges, trestles and tunnels to ensure preservation of history and trail connectivity for the long term.




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What is needed?

Your input on RDOS Trails Master Plan!

A trails master plan is an overall framework and long-term strategy, defining the policies, priorities and actions that guides the management and development of the trail.

The Province has previously advised they have not decided if the flood damages to the KVR Trail will be repaired

A trails master plan will guide the Province and Regional District in decisions regarding the KVR trail, and the good news is…

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) is preparing a Parks, Trails and Recreation 10-year Master Plan that will guide decisions for the next 10 years, and is currently gathering feedback from the community on the draft Master Plan.

The draft Master Plan outlines a governance model, trail classification and optimized trail use which will be used as a strategic, long-term framework to guide decision making about the development, management and investment in the Regional District’s parks, trails, and recreation services.

Deadline to respond Sep 30, 2022 @ 4:30pm

The “Game Plan” for Trails identifies six (6) strategies and actions, the survey asks you to indicate the extent you support each strategy

(required reading to answer trail survey questions)

  • Expand & Connect Trails (p.115-118)

  • Enhance Trails (p.119-120)

  • Proactively Manage Visitation on Trails (p.121-122)

  • Activate Trails (p.123)

  • Make it Easier to Find and Enjoy Trails (p.124-125)

  • Enhance Collaboration & Coordination (p.126)


The Master Plan actions include:

  • users attach a great deal of importance to future trail development programs and enhancement of trails and trail maintenance. There is an understanding amongst stakeholders and residents that the trestle bridges are reaching or at the end of their lifecycle and require significant reinvestment in the near term and that every effort must be taken to ensure the connectivity of trails remain intact and operational (p.72)

  • undertake a detailed condition assessment of the trail, amenities, and infrastructure, e.g. trestles (p.117)

  • identify strategies to address identified trail tread issues, aging infrastructure, and amenities

  • partner with RSTBC to explore a shared regional funding formula model for the upgrade, or replacement, of the trestles on the Faulder to Tulameen section of the KVR to ensure the trail will remain a quality recreational asset and become and important tourism motivator for the region

  • the 2021 floods re-iterated how important the network of parks and natural spaces are and will continue to be in future flood mitigation. For these, and many other reasons, parks, trails and recreation services are seen as critical to achieving broader public health and well-being, community functioning, biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation and economic sustainability goals for the region (p.78)

IT ALSO ADVISES that major flooding events in Nov 2021 have created serious impacts between Princeton and Brookmere, and that a detailed assessment of flooding impacts had not been undertaken at the time of preparing the master plan

THIS MEANS when you complete the survey you must specifically type in the comments box at the bottom of the page (Question #21), I STRONGLY SUPPORT REPAIRS TO THE KVR FROM THE DAMAGES OF THE NOV 2021 FLOOD


The Master Plan actions include:

  • Volunteers are critical to the delivery of parks, trails and recreation services in many of the smaller communities

  • identify opportunities to further develop and strengthen the Regional District’s parks, trails and recreation volunteer program and supporting policy framework

  • Upon defining opportunities to enhance and strengthen the volunteer program, secure appropriate staffing and funding to implement the program

IT ALSO ADVISES that as much as volunteers are an asset, the engagement and retention of volunteers requires appropriate staff oversight, support, and facilitation.

THIS MEANS when you complete the survey you must specifically type in the comments box at the bottom of the page (Question #35), I STRONGLY SUPPORT ALLOWING VOLUNTEERS TO WORK ON TRAIL REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE


Deadline to respond Sep 30, 2022 @ 4:30pm

Ensure your voice is heard and spread the word – please share this email with any colleagues, friends or family that use, or are impacted by the trail

The KVR Trail Preservation Alliance (KVRTPA) was formally established by the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Foundation on August 12, 2022 to nurture, preserve and enhance the Kettle Valley Rail Trail

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